Sunday, 8 May 2011

Cloth nappies or disposables - its YOUR choice!

Times change and ideas change, so like with all advise and suggestions, read mine, steal with pride the ideas you like and use them, then ignore anything you don't! The important thing is to consider the options, learn from those who have been there, then do what feels right for you and your child!

I was effectively an only child growing up, babies never entered my world before my own and I was clueless in the extreme. It took at least 3 nappy changes in hospital with guidance from the midwife before I was even ready to try on my own! 5 children later I look back and laugh, but we all have to start somewhere!

 13 years ago when Alistair was born real nappies were only for the seriously ethical right on 'weirdo' types. Consequently, labeling myself as more muddling mainstream, I went straight for disposables. After mastering the technique they really are easy. I wouldn't blame anyone for taking the 'easy' route in motherhood (I did) as there is so much new stuff to get to grips with.

Nick and I with our 6 children 

The 6 hiding under our
 home made changing unit!

In our modern age of environmental awareness where the 'weirdo' types are invading the mainstream, I would definitely recommend at least considering cloth nappies. My last 3 children all came as one in the form of triplets just as real nappies were taking off, I 'poo pooed' (excuse the pun!) the idea of trying cloth nappies with triplets and now wish I had given the idea a bit more consideration. They have come on so far from the old terry towelling days and are now very competitive on price (saving around £500 per child), much less hassle than you might imagine and much better for our planet! The biggest downside is the initial outlay, but if you can find friends to let you have a try then do give it a go, or if you are coming to Coombe Mill we offer free cloth nappies on trial from lollipop  to take away the expense of trialing. If you do fancy trying them with us on holiday do remember to pack larger trousers for boys and some dresses for girls as they are more bulky than disposables!

Modern cloth nappy

It's real nappy week from the 16th May and Green Mums are keen to promote real nappies - Tracy at Green Mums has used cloth nappies on both her children and is happy to give advise. We have teamed up Green Mums to offer a holiday here at Coombe Mill, cloth nappy trials and a wonderful baby and toddler holiday all in one! Visit their site for more details of the competition at

Hope to see you at Coombe Mill on holiday soon! 


  1. This is a great competition - my son wears cloth nappies and we'll definitely be making a video entry for it. I love that you have cloth nappies onsite at Coombe Mill for people to use!

  2. After having had six children I'm surprised you can even bring yourself to talk about Nappies Fiona! Thanks for offering a fantastic competition! If anyone wants to know more about cloth nappies but doesn't know where to start just give me a shout!

  3. Lovely to see new followers taking advantage of the chance to win our competition. Good luck everyone and hope to see you at Coombe Mill. If you don't win, check out our special offer page on our web site anyway, we are constantly updating any last minute offers

  4. Grt comp, i Made a video entry,And got my fingers tightly crossed to win,My daughter would love to stay at your farm.It would be a very good experiance for her,x Thankyou for running it.

  5. thanks, we don't offer many competitions so glad you spotted this one. I do like to team up with related business where we can and give everyone a chance of a great family holiday.