Welcome to my blog and a bit about me. So easy to write about Coombe Mill and so hard to summarize myself but here goes:

Me in a sentence
 I am the farmer's wife doing my utmost to be the best mummy I can to our 6 lovely children whilst running our wonderful holiday business.

  We fell in love with Coombe Mill Farm holidays back in 2002 when looking from our surrey conventional careers at possible life style changes. It is now a thriving self catering holiday hamlet in Cornwall specialising in families with young children. We work hard and enjoy making your holiday experience one to remember. As our own children grow up  in these gorgeous surroundings they love playing with our visitors and for the older ones, helping out and earning pocket money!

My interests
Outside of my roles as wife, mummy and business I love running, cycling, surfing and girls nights out, cooking and dinner parties.

My vices
Well known to be cakes and real coffee by day and wine by night!

My secret addiction
I am becoming a closet blogging, twittering facebook nerd! I kid myself it is just for the business, but it's actually great fun to be interactive with the outside world and I can be found blogging away at 2am or checking for comments on my latest facebook pictures. Fortunately I don't need much sleep!

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog posts about life on the farm, as mummy to 6 and wife to hard working 'farmer Nick' and that we will meet you on holiday here sometime to share in our piece of paradise.

Me and my children with 'Grandpa'
Fiona Cambouropoulos   
Coombe Mill

Working in the garden - I hate to miss out on the sunshine!

A tiny patch of Coombe Mill in Spring

Nick and I in a rare pic together cutting the cake at our
 Coombe Mill Royal Wedding Garden Party